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Opportunities has had the privilege of working with some incredible people over the years.  Our employees (whether present or former) have played an essential role in the evolution of our mission-related programs and services.  With regard to our former employees, we’re always being asked “Where are they now?” This page is dedicated to their stories.

If you are former employee of Opportunities and would like to share your story regarding your post-Opportunities career path or other endeavors, we invite you to send us a brief update along with your picture. If you remember a past worker and would like to know where they ended up, let us know.


Who: Kristen Aucter
When employed: 2009-2016
Most Recent Job Title: Advocate

"I started at Lewis County Opportunities on Sept 15, 2009. I had left a job in Syracuse in 2008 to move back to Lewis County at the absolute worst time ever. There was a recession and my degree in Travel and Tourism was not helpful at all. My position in the Wheels for Work Program was temporary and funded by the, sometimes controversial, American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA). While many critics of the Act state that it didn't change America how it was supposed to, I would say on a personal level it changed everything."   Read more

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Who: Barbara Corbett
When employed: 2003-2016
Most Recent Job Title: Administrative Assistant
"During my career at LCOI I loved greeting and interacting with the consumers. I enjoyed working with many special people whom I will consider lifetime friends."  Read more


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Who: Penny Demo
When employed: 1987-1992
Most Recent Job Title: Executive Assistant
"In 1987 I accepted the position of Executive Assistant at Lewis County Opportunities, Inc., where I worked directly for Karl Reutling (former Chief Executive Officer) and was the clerical supervisor.  Prior to working at LCOI, I lived in a “bubble” as I had no idea of the many hardships facing people in our community..."  Read more

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Who: Taralee (Cortez) Lashway
When employed: 2009-2011
Most Recent Job Title: Advocate

"It is amazing where the world leads you and where you find your calling. Lewis County Opportunities, Inc. was instrumental in kick starting my career helping others."  Read more

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Who: Vicki Meyer
When employed: 1987-2008
Most Recent Job Title: Family Services Manager

"I worked at LCOI from May 1987 till July 2008. When I interviewed for my position at LCOI I did not have a clue what the agency was or did.  My responsibilities over the years varied greatly. "  Read more

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Who: Karl Reutling
When employed: 1982-2005
Most Recent Job Title: Chief Executive Officer
"I am retired. My wife Susie and I live on the island of Key West, Florida. I have had several part time jobs, but now do volunteer work at different places here." Read more

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Who: Patricia Ward-LaFlesh
When employed: 1994-2011
Most Recent Job Title: Family Services Worker

"Right from the beginning my connection with Lewis County Opportunities was a positive one.  I first had a connection with Opportunities as a person in need of services. One of the employees of Opportunities that I received assistance from informed me of a part time position opening at the agency which I applied for and was hired.  This opportunity changed my life."  Read more

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